The Most important step of the process

Have you ever worked on something for a very long time, put in all your effort into it, and then the final part of the process didn’t go through?

That’s what a lot of our customers used to experience with other 3PL companies.

The other day, I had a meeting with the COO of a very large home goods company. When I finished my sales pitch, I asked him: If you could have the perfect 3PL, what would it be like?

What he said next put things into perspective for me.

He said: A large manufacturing company, such as themselves, spend months and sometimes even years going through the process of getting a product to the market.

They have to come up with an idea, find a designer and manufacturing company, make sure the packaging is done right, brand it properly, and deal with customs and freight forwarding. Before finally getting this product that they’ve spent all this time, money, and dedication on into big name stores, the final step is the 3PL.

You would think that this is the simplest part. All you have to do is get the orders to where they need to go in a timely fashion. But he told me, the LAST THING he wants is when he’s finally at the finish line, to have issues with the 3PL.

That’s the worst step that could ever happen to a manufacturing company.

If the 3PL doesn’t come through, you’re not just messing up the manufacturer in one step of the process. You’re making him look bad to his customer!

I thought about it for a while, and I realized how important our position is as a 3PL. We could make or break any company. We push that product through the finish line. And that’s why we take our job performance so seriously. 

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